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How to access your QuickBooks Desktop from iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android phones

Posted by Chris Low on Jan 16, 2018


The following guide will walk you through the process for configuring the software needed to access your virtual desktop from devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and Android phones via QuickBooks Cloud Hosting.


QuickBooks Desktop Hosting.png


If you do not already have a subscription to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting, please call us at 503.885.0776 for more information.


Step One: Download The App

Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for the vWorkspace App.

apple store

Apple Store

iOS App Link:

Download App
google play.png

Google Play

Android App Link: 

Download App


Step Two: Determine from the following list which domain to enter.

Note: If you are unsure which version you are on, please reach out to your ebs Associates Solution Specialist at 503.885.0776


Step Three: Determine which location to select from the following list based on your environment. 

  • 3.0 Users: CloudLogin
  • Once Selected, Click Next.




Step Four: Enter your sign-in credentials.

At this step you may be asked to enter a “Domain” as well after your password. If you’re asked to, refer to the following list to select the appropriate domain:

3.0 Users: CloudLogin






Step Five: Click on the icon that you would normally click on to launch your application.



Step Six: Enter your credentials as prompted, you will then be shown the home screen of QuickBooks.

At this point  you should now be able to navigate within your company file. 



While this tutorial WILL work for phones, it is designed for tablets as the QuickBooks software itself requires a monitor with at least 640x480 pixels of resolution. It does operate, but not everything fits on screen. 

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