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Turn tables faster with Revel restaurant and bar POS system.

Access a full suite of features made to grow your restaurant quicker. From pre-authorization, caller I.D., table timers, split bills, delivery management and table layouts, Revel iPad Point of Sale gives you the tools to run your business more efficiently than ever. Call today and get a sales rep to help you take your restaurant to the next level.

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Restaurant and Bar POS Key Features

  • Easily manage your business’ finances and accounting on a single platform with Revel’s QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop integration.


  • The mobility trend is only rising and it’s time to stay ahead of your competition. With the Revel Mobile POS system, you can process sales from anywhere on the floor. Instead of having your customers come to you, maximize convenience and let employees greet and guide them.


  • Reach new customers and additional revenue streams with a platform approach. Today’s customers have cellphones as their sidekicks and expect a seamless experience from mobile ordering to payments for takeout. To stay competitive, it’s imperative to connect all customer channels.


  • Revel accommodates the visually impaired, making the Point of Sale experience stress-free for customers, employees and business owners. Add-ons include the use of bluetooth keyboards, the ability to perform text-to-speech commands and easy text reading.


  • Generate approximately 30% more orders with Revel’s Self-Service Kiosk. Your business can transform the customer experience with self-checkouts while improving top-line revenue. Instead of waiting in line for the front register, customers have the option to conveniently tap, order, grab-and-go.


  • Ever dream of having your own app? Revel White Label Mobile App, available for iOS and Android devices, works with businesses to brand and customize the look and feel of their own mobile application. Use the platform to address specific needs, such as mobile ordering, eCommerce, deliveries, loyalty programs, and much more.


  • Revel saves you time and money by monitoring employee activity automatically. Labor management is made easy with our advanced suite of features, including scheduling, payroll, permission controls and performance analysis.


  • Keeping tabs on delivery orders is now easier than ever. Managing multiple deliveries is simplified with a number of tools to help you efficiently run the delivery side of business. Know the ins and outs of who’s touching the order, from the driver to the customer, at all times. With driver status updates and intelligent delivery time estimations, your business will always be in control and satisfy all customers.


  • Choosing a secure Point of Sale is integral to your business. A secure POS system will protect your customers’ data and help you avoid prohibitive fines for being out of compliance. Uphold your business’s reputation and maintain peace of mind with Revel’s security benefits.


  • Whether your Internet slows down or there’s a power outage, Revel ensures that your business continues to process payments. Revel’s advanced hybrid architecture enables your iPad POS to run offline or on a local network, uninterrupted, so you’re constantly growing your dream business.


  • Track and monitor your inventory in real-time so you know what to reorder and when. Revel updates inventory count for you, sends automatic stock alerts and generates purchase orders so you’re always stocked and working towards growing your dream business, sale by sale.


  • Give your customers more reason to keep coming back by rewarding them for repeat business.Set up your loyalty program the way you want it, from how customers are rewarded to the look and feel of a loyalty or gift card.


  • Keep track of detailed customer information and their preferences with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on the management console. CRM uses advanced technology to organize and synchronize customer information with their buying behavior. Utilizing CRM reports, single location business owners can analyze each customer’s order history to better tailor their offerings according to their customer wants.

Additional Features for Restaurants and Bars



  • Order Status Tracking is a feature that is part of the Kitchen Display System (KDS). With Order Status Tracking, an automatic time counter begins for each order as soon they’ve been submitted on the Revel iPad Point of Sale. Track how long customers are waiting for their orders to be completed and how much time it takes for items to be prepared.


  • Run the catering side of your business efficiently with Revel’s Catering Management. Keep track of the pre-ordering process directly from the Point of Sale. See orders and updates from the Kitchen Display System, and stay organized by tracking customer profiles and attaching contact information to each order. 


  • Caller ID allows for Auto creation of an order when a customer calls in, Reduced wait times because knowing where to deliver to and to whom immediately saves user input.  Caller tracking allows you to discover which returning customers are calling in.


  • Enhance security and ease employee management by creating and assigning employee login and swipe cards for staff. Swipe cards, also known as Admin cards, are assigned to designate users via a four-digit employee pin. Employees can clock in/out and access specific permissions based on their role.


  • Manage every bar tab from your Revel iPad Point of Sale system. Users can create, manage and locate all bar tabs to speed up efficiency. Monitor all bar tabs and see which are still open or closed to stay organized. Easily pull up an open tab by inputting a customer name or credit card swipe.


  • Stay up to date on all social media conversation around you with Revel’s Social Media Integration. Tweet out messaging or promotions on Twitter,  see who is checking in on Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare or see comments on Yelp directly from the Revel POS.Food trucks and mobile carts can let followers know their exact location in real-time to draw in more nearby customers.


  • Control who has access to what and designate roles for each employee. Manage all roles and permissions from the management console, and have greater control over the security of your system. 


  • Auto set up tills or input tills manually on the Revel iPad Point of Sale upon login. Till Management is an effective auditing tool to help manage finances. Users can view sales reports and match numbers with the till count to determine whether or not finances are in balance.


  • Create your restaurant’s table layout on the management console to replicate your restaurant. See live table timers and order status to turn tables more efficiently.  


  • MDM software allows users to manage multiple devices universally from any remote location. Heighten security by locking down or wiping clean any lost or stolen devices remotely.


  • Gain crucial insight into your business performance with Revel’s Intelligent Reporting suite. Access detailed reports to better understand buyer behavior, employee performance, best and worst selling items, and more. Leverage important data to confidently make decisions to improve your business and profit margins, all in real-time.


  • Take orders throughout your restaurant from an iPad or iPad Mini using Revel’s application. Servers can easily go up to customers and process orders tableside, providing faster service. Orders can be taken directly from the table so servers don’t have to go back and forth between the main terminal and the kitchen. Connect as many order takers as you want with your iPad POS system.


  • Bump capabilities is a feature that is part of the Kitchen Display System (KDS). Users can set up kitchen view flows from the management console and prioritize orders by moving each to the front or back of the cue. When orders are marked as complete, they move to the second position and so forth for efficient kitchen flow.


  • Display menus, discounts and certain products on the Revel iPad Point of Sale system. Choose when to display certain menus on the iPad POS throughout the day. For example, set your iPad Point of Sale to display discount menus only during Happy Hour. Create new products quickly and push changes automatically.


  • Revel’s Universal Barcode Reading can read existing SKUs. Revel’s Point of Sale systems can scan any factory level barcode, including QR codes. By reading existing SKUs, merchants don’t have to create new ones.


  • Revel’s Mobile Ordering is an online ordering application that works with gateway payment providers Mercury and USAePay. Customers submit orders from their handheld device and then have the option to add tip and pay by credit card, PayPal or decide to pick up at the store.


  • With Revel’s Split Bills functionality, servers can easily split bills for any number of situations and payment types. Split bills evenly between a number of patrons, by individual items or manually break up a check by different payment amounts and types. Users can even divide orders based on individual seat numbers to accommodate parties with varying order sizes.