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The Intuit Premier Reseller program includes only the top business professionals who are qualified in meeting their customer’s diverse needs by selling a variety of Intuit products and services to deliver complete business solutions. Additionally, thanks to our loyal customers and partners, ebs Associates has now been welcomed by Intuit into the prestigious"Million Dollar Club" for selling over $1 Million in QuickBooks product every year.


As part of this premier tier, ebs Associates offers a direct relationship with Intuit’s sales, procurement, and product support teams, creating an inflow of resources and support for you and your business.

We are more than just an Intuit Premier Reseller, we are experts at identifying and recommending the right software solutions for our clients. We have an extensive knowledge base and thorough understanding of the full breadth of QuickBooks products, as well as the additional products and applications that can be integrated with QuickBooks.

ebs_logo-web.pngA certified QuickBooks Enterprise Reseller can:

  • Identify processes that can simplify operations with flexible reporting, batch invoicing, and expanded user controls
  • Provide consultation services to analyze your needs for advanced inventory capabilities and productivity tools that improve functionality
  • Lower your total cost of ownership by diagnosing your requirements for expanded functionality that lets you save time and stay more organized with scalability to support up to 30 simultaneous users and track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors, and inventory items – more than six times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product

 Why buy QuickBooks through a reseller?

As a reseller, we can sell, install, and support Intuit’s products and services, including software licenses, hardware, and online service referrals.

Price - One of the most well known and obvious benefits is price! Intuit Premier Resellers are authorized to offer discounted pricing, extended promotional offers for subscriptions, and lifetime discounts for QuickBooks Enterprise. These are not available through Intuit direct.

Additional Resources - Intuit sales representatives are not trained or authorized to recommend, support, or sell 3rd party applications, but we can! We know the limitations, and the areas where the built in features of QuickBooks fall short. No software is going to do provide all the features that every type of business needs it to, this is why Intuit has authorized external companies to build applications that expand the functionality of QuickBooks. 

Support - 

ebs Associates is licensed to sell dozens of 3rd party applications like Fishbowl Inventory, TSheets Time Tracking, Tallie Expense Tracking, and many more. For liability reasons, .  There is nothing wrong with this, however, 


Talk to an expert today!  503-885-0776

Intuit Premier Resellers can help you increase the value of your Intuit investment by improving performance, increasing efficiencies, and simplifying operations.



Intuit Reseller Program

Intuit Resellers help you take full advantage of the QuickBooks software features and additional tools. Whether you're upgrading from another version of QuickBooks or installing QuickBooks for the first time, Resellers bring a unique set of business qualifications combined with Intuit's technology certification to implement a robust solution that gives you more control over your growing business.

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Denise Loter-Koch Top 100 ProAdvisor


Denise Loter-Koch

CEO & President at ebs Associates

2015, 2016 & 2017 Top 100 ProAdvisor and nationally recognized QuickBooks educator.

ebs Associates is recognized by Intuit as one of only a select few Intuit Premier Resellers authorized to sell and implement Intuit products at the lowest possible prices. Denise is also an Intuit Advisory Council Member. Read More

Visit Denise's QuickBooks ProAdvisor Page



Gina Avila

Channel Sales Manager at Intuit

Gina is the direct contact at Intuit in charge of our account and all matters related to QuickBooks software sales, and our clients. If you would like to verify our Intuit Premier Reseller or QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification status, you may reach out to Gina directly.

Office: (520) 901-6900
Email:  Gina_Avila@Intuit.com



Gabor Terebesi

Payment Solutions & Merchant Services at Intuit

Gabor Terebesi handles all of our merchant services needs, including credit card, ACH and check processing in QuickBooks Financial Software. Gabor has been helping our clients for almost 10 years, and is  able to help them save time, reduce overhead by implementing Intuit Merchant Services which allows you to process payments directly from your QuickBooks software.

Office: (800) 601-4083 ext 1489
Email: gabor_terebesi@Intuit.com