Fishbowl is extremely popular among QuickBooks users because it extends the life of QuickBooks for small and midsize businesses. Rather than having to switch to an expensive ERP system, you can continue using QuickBooks for many years by adding affordable manufacturing and warehouse management features to it with Fishbowl.


Fishbowl provides features in more than a dozen areas where QuickBooks either does not have them or does not offer advanced ones. This white paper will go into detail about these features.


What's inside?


•         Bill of materials

•          Costing methods

•         Creating and printing barcodes

•          Drop shipping

•          Locations

•         Manufacture orders and work orders

•          Multi-currency

•         Multiple location part tracking

•         Part tracking criteria

•          Partners

•          Product/kit configurator

•          Remote access

•          Reports

•         Return merchandise authorization

•          Status updates

•          Transfer orders

•         UPS Ready shipping

•         User access rights

•         Variable pricing and discounting

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