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How to track time in QuickBooks Desktop

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Jul 30, 2018

When you sell a product to a customer, you know it. It goes away, and your inventory count in QuickBooks is reduced by one. This tracking helps you know what is selling and what is not, and it signals when a reorder is due.

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QuickBooks Training & Professional Networking *Live Event* April 26-27 empoweredNW

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Feb 24, 2016

Network, Learn, Grow!

Come and join us at the beautiful Oregon Golf Club for the most valuable QuickBooks conference in the pacific NW! Meet industry leaders, acquire QuickBooks tips and tricks, and discover what tools you need to cultivate your business!

Why attend?  Top 5 reasons

  1. Get inspired! Become empowered through purposeful networking with QuickBooks partners and customers, consultants and Intuit employees
  2. Receive feedback from industry experts and learn how to improve your QuickBooks set-up to determine what new tools your company needs to save time and money
  3. Stay ahead of the curve by educating yourself about the latest 3rd party add-on solutions to discover how these technologies can help you achieve your business goals 
  4. Attend each session to strengthen your QuickBooks knowledge and develop the skills necessary to obtain your QuickBooks User certification
  5. Have some fun! Let ebs Associates show appreciation to all our wonderful QuickBooks customers through an evening of valuable networking, delicious food and beverages, and exciting entertainment!

 Early Bird Specials Ending March 31!

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Avoid Year End Payroll Processing Mistakes!

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Dec 9, 2015

Fall in Love with QuickBooks Integrated Payroll

You love your customers, you love your business and you love your time off with family.  Did you know that is was even possible to love your payroll?  Your time is valuable and everyone knows time is money.  It's the time and complexity of processing payroll that too many businesses love to hate.  Save money this holiday season and stop wasting time manually processing payroll and calculating timecards!  

Here at ebs Associates, we help our QuickBooks customers learn to love payroll by removing the time and complexity associated with this essential part of running a business - paying your valued employees in a timely and accurate way.  We can help you decide which Intuit Payroll service fits best for your business.  Since Payroll can be especially complicated and stressful during Year End, we will be launching a series of blogs to help you get some payroll relief.  Our goal is to help educate you on why and what payroll service might work for you along with other payroll related topics.  In this blog,  we will cover 9 reasons why our customers choose to start automating payroll with a service and bring the love to this dreaded process.  Subscribe to our blog today and stay tuned for more payroll blogs. Read our last related payroll blog: QuickBooks Payroll That Feels Like a Million Bucks

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QuickBooks Payroll That Feels Like a Million Bucks

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Sep 24, 2015

How many steps does your Intuit QuickBooks payroll take?

Right around . . . 35?

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Time Tracking Accuracy w/ TSheets Means Always Ensuring Business Success!

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Jul 7, 2015

Do You Ensure Success Through Accurate Time Tracking?

Watch Now! The Portland business world today, like many other arenas, moves at lightening speed. Demands for your time and energy come from the left and right, never pausing for a breath, always tugging at your attention. Developing and growing a business is a financial and personal risk, and one that you have not taken lightly. So why would you pour yourself into building something successful, only to undermine your hard work by not using accurate time tracking?

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Empowered Northwest May 7-8th QuickBooks Live Training is a Wrap!

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on May 15, 2015

The QuickBooks “Live” Training Seminar held May 7-8 was awesome! 

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TSheets Certified Pros Are Ready to Help You Automate Payroll

Posted by Kelli on Dec 10, 2014

ebs Associates is proud to announce that three team members have become TSheets Certified Pros, with other employees well on their way to completing the certification. The decision for ebs to invest time in learning the software was made due to the increase in demand for a solution of its kind, and the projected growth in users over the next few years. ebs decided to go with TSheets over other solutions because it is easy for clients to learn and gives ProAdvisors the data and reports they need to do their job better.

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