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Features Added to QuickBooks for Mac Since 2013

Posted by Kelli on Nov 1, 2014

QuickBooks for Mac has been getting better each year with new improvements, features and upgrades that are making the accounting software increasingly user friendly. Check out this list of features that have been added to QuickBooks for Mac since 2013 and see if upgrading to the latest version will make your life easier with new time saving features.

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Into the Cloud: A QuickBooks for Mac Case Study

Posted by Kelli on Oct 1, 2014

How one organization was able to successfully move from an older version of QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks Online


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What's New in QuickBooks Mac 2015

Posted by Kelli on Sep 24, 2014

New Features, Improvements & Fixes for the 2015 Version of QuickBooks for Mac

With all the debate over desktop QuickBooks software versus QuickBooks Online, there is a concern that QuickBooks for Mac clients will increasingly be forgotten or neglected. But as of late, the product developers for QuickBooks for Mac are alive, well and continue to make improvements for small businesses using QuickBooks for Mac.

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How To Restore QuickBooks for Mac Backup Files - 2013 & Newer

Posted by Kelli on Sep 16, 2014

Learn how to restore backup files in 2013 and newer versions of QuickBooks for Mac. Even the most experienced QuickBooks user may find the steps in this tutorial helpful, as restoring backup files for Mac versions of QuickBooks changed in 2013. Although the example demonstrated in this video converts QuickBooks for Mac 2012 into QuickBooks for Mac 2014, this same method of restoring a QuickBooks for Mac backup files can be applied to any version made after 2013. Read More

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