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How to make sales tax item adjustments in QuickBooks

Posted by Aubrey Leahy on Mar 23, 2018

The sales tax adjustment feature in QuickBooks doesn’t adjust the individual sales tax item. You must create a zero cost Sales Receipt or Credit Memo depending on the plus/minus adjustment needed.  The details are in the article below.

Adjust amounts for sales tax items in QuickBooks

You need to make adjustments for specific sales tax items if there are several types of sales tax payable to the same tax vendor. Adjusting the sales tax items allows the allocated amount to match the reporting as well. 

If you still have questions about sales tax in QuickBooks? It may be time to consider implementing an add-on like  Avalara the worlds #1 top rated sales tax automation integration for QuickBooks . Call our team of QuickBooks product/add-on  experts at 503-885-0776 today for a complimentary product consultation. 

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White Paper - Sales Tax Changes In 2018

If 2018 ends up looking like last year we’re in for a lot of changes when it comes to sales and use tax. 2017 ushered in tens of thousands of taxability changes across every U.S. state. On top of that, several legislative changes impacted online sellers, manufacturers, service providers, and more.


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