Beware: Change Request Phishing Scam | QuickBooks Support

Posted by Denise Loter-Koch on Jan 27, 2017

A few customers have recently reported receiving suspicious and unexpected emails appearing to be from Intuit’s QuickBooks Support.  Specifically, the subject line has read, “QuickBooks Support: Change Request” or “Important Notification”.  We encourage you to call us at (888) 232-4758 to discuss your QuickBooks account if you receive any email or phone call that seems suspicious or you think could be an attempt to gain access to your QuickBooks account.


What is Phishing?

Attempts such as these, to fraudulently obtain your personal, financial or other sensitive information are called “phishing”.  Phishing is a relatively new criminal activity, but has been around for several years now.


Prepare and Be Aware

Any software solution may be targeted at any time, from your favorite mobile device to your business computer.  The best and easiest advice we can offer is to be prepared and to stay aware.  Prepare, by taking regular backups of your software and device configuration and most importantly maintain current antivirus software.  Staying aware of current issues or schemes may be more difficult, but being careful to evaluate the sender or source of an email and looking for signs of things seeming simply not quite right are often enough.  We recommend utilizing services, such as Intuit’s free Online Security Center.  This is where the experts at Intuit offer different alerts and recommendations to help you consider all areas of your own security and protection:


General Rule of Thumb

If you weren’t expecting an email, don’t know the sender or are being asked to open an attachment in an email, chances are good that you’re looking at a phishing attempt.  As a rule of thumb, protect yourself by only opening emails from senders you know, clicking on links in emails that you’ve signed up to receive or that are expected, like a password reset authorization email. 

If you received an email that you believe to be suspicious, or that matches the phishing scam described above,

  • Do not click any links
  • Delete the email immediately
  • Take the additional step of permanently deleting it from your trash.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to discuss your QuickBooks account, please call us at (888) 232-4758!  At ebs Associates, we’re your QuickBooks ProAdvisors!


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