Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Automation 


The leading digital business payments service that makes paying and getting paid simpler, faster and more secure

Approve and pay bills online, automate invoicing and collections, and automatically sync everything with QuickBooks. saves you time and money and even helps eliminate paperwork. Sign up today and start sending checks with the click of a button.

No more printing and mailing checks, does that for you. You can even do away with paper checks all together and pay your bills electronically through 

logos450x78.pngThe perfect partnership. + QuickBooks is the paperless payments solution that syncs seamlessly with quickbooks-logo-circle-transp.pngQuickBooks and connects to your bank, facilitating faster payments and receivables. integrates with the following versions of QuickBooks:

  • QuickBooks Desktop, Pro, Premier (all versions)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise (all versions)
  • QuickBooks Online Essentials or Plus

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How pays bills in four easy steps


Email, fax or scan and upload bills

Forward email invoices, scan and email, fax or upload bills to your unique inbox. Best of all, there is  no training required.




Automatically pull all of your vendors, payment terms, accounts, etc. from your QuickBooks and choose your bill details. 



Get approvals

Set default approvers for specific vendors or designate custom approvers for unique bills. Approve via your mobile device or online through your dashboard. 




Schedule payments, apply vendor credits, adjust payment amounts, choose process date for CC and/or ACH. After payment is made, will auto sync to your QuickBooks