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The Best Way To Manage Employee Expenses



Expense Cards

Bento is a prepaid Mastercard® that’s easy to reload and control. Distribute to staff or contractors, or use as utility cards (without a person's name on the card) to manage specific projects or business expenses.


Mobile App

Your cards are always in sync with the Bento mobile application. Business owners and admins can control cards on the go, while employees can always check spend limits, view transactions, and upload receipts and notes.



Business owners and account admins get a bird’s-eye view of their employees’ card activities and spend, down to the last dollar. Secure funds management and one-click data exports—all in one place.


More Control Than Credit Cards 

Complete control over your expenses is just a few clicks away. Instantly allocate budget and set detailed spend limits for each card—anytime, anywhere. With their Bento mobile app, your employees will always know how much they are allowed to spend.








Well-Protected Funds

Instantly turn any Bento card on or off. Receive alerts for potential fraud and unexpected activity. Rest assured that your employees can only make purchases within authorized limits.



Real Time Insights

Access Bento’s live dashboard anytime to see who’s spending what, where and when. Track expenses as they occur and avoid end-of-month surprises.





Simplified Bookkeeping

Don’t worry about time-consuming and cumbersome reimbursement processes again. With a few clicks, you can view, sort and export transactions. Use Quickbooks®? Bento enables you to automatically sync data to QuickBooks Online, including receipts.



Support with a Human Touch

Our U.S. based support team is available 24/7 to help you. Our mission is to help your business be more successful with our friendly human touch on every interaction via phone, email or online chat.



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How will Bento work for you? 

How will you use your Bento cards?

  • Gas or Fuel Cards: Track & control fuel-only purchases; assign one card per vehicle
  • Employee Cards: Give each employee a Bento card to track expenses & get alerts
  • Project Cards: Assign a card for each project, supervisor, or area
  • Expense Cards: Control how much you spend on office supplies, subscriptions, etc.
  • Petty Cash Cards: Stop expense leaks caused by hard to track cash


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