Key Benefits of Automating Your Payables

AvidXchange offers an end-to-end invoice and payment automation solution that simplifies the accounts payable (AP) process—from purchase order through supplier payment. AP and payment automation reduce invoice and payment processing costs, on average, by 60% or more.





Automation reduces processing costs by 60%, or more. How? By eliminating the hard costs associated with paper invoices and checks, such as postage and check stock, as well as eliminating the soft costs associated with manual processes, such as data entry.




By eliminating the paper from your accounts payable processes, you also remove the manual tasks associated with them. Therefore, in an automated environment, your company will be able to add invoice and payment volume without having to add headcount to handle labor-intensive functions. 




Automating your payables gives your company 24/7 visibility into the status of invoices and payments from
anywhere you have an internet connection. Additionally, AvidXchange will configure workflows to mimic your current approval processes so that you maintain all of the business rules that you have in place today.

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AvidXchange eliminates paper from the AP process by receiving your invoices on your behalf and routing them through automated approval workflows. You still code and approve the invoices, but we take care of the manual, tedious tasks. Automation creates 24/7 visibility into the status of invoice approvals and payments for improved controls and superior cash management.

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Purchase Order Application

  • View Purchase Orders Electronically
  • Match the Purchase Order to the Invoice
  • Approve Purchase Order
  • Once Approved, Line Items & Coding are “Flipped” to the Invoice

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Bill Services

We make it easy for suppliers to submit 100% of their invoices through a variety of methods, so that we can deliver them electronically to you. This means that all of the manual data entry that you used to do is history.

Here are all of the ways that suppliers can submit invoices:

  • Email Submissions
  • Upload Electronic Files
  • Send their Paper Invoices to a Unique PO Box





Invoice Application

Our Invoice Application is designed to mirror your current approval processes and workflows, but without all of the paper and inefficiency. By automating the process, your company will be able to track invoices electronically, streamline workflows, and have a central repository for anytime, anywhere access to invoice data.

How It Works:

  • Capture invoice information, status, audit trail
  • Secure Web Submission
  • Import of approved invoices into accounts payable
  • Extensive management reporting
  • Complete visibility of invoice status… anytime, anywhere!

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Payment Application 

The Payment Application enables companies to pay suppliers electronically while maintaining all of their banking relationships and their current approval workflows.


  • Reduced Processing Costs
  • 24/7 Visibility into Payment Status & Approvals
  • Customizable Payment Approval Workflows
  • Service Teams for Supplier Management & Payment Execution
  • Increased Vendor Adoption of Electronic Payments with the Eligibility for Your Company to Earn Rebates

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Pay Services

AvidXchange has a team of over 200 people that create a great experience for suppliers receiving payments through our network. What services do they provide that benefit you?

  • Supplier Data Management
  • Supplier Enrollment into Programs
  • Conversion of Suppliers to Electronic Methods
  • Perform Due Diligence on Any Outstanding Payments
  • Supplier Education 




End-Of-Year Survival Guide

We want to make sure that you not only survive, but thrive, during year-end. This guide includes advice from industry thought-leaders, AvidXchange’s AP team, and from our customers. As you close out 2017, we want to make sure that you’re armed with tips and tricks to help year-end go as smoothly as possible.

Automate Before It’s Too Late

It’s hard to believe, but we’re heading into year-end already for 2017. It’s tempting to hold off on implementing new technologies before the end of the year, but automating your invoice and payment processes before 2018 will create so many amazing benefits for you and your team in the new year. Instead of coming back to paper and inefficiency, you could walk back in from your holiday vacation with a completely automated invoice and payment process.

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  • Free bill payments for 1 year. (valued at $3600)
  • Free set up. (valued at $2,500)
  • Free 30 day trial
  • (Minimum of 300 payments per month, offer ends 02/15)


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